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It only took me like 32 years to realize that there isn’t just one product nor treatment that magically does wonders for your face. I’d go buy some products and use here and there then stop because I wouldn’t notice a difference. Or do some sort of expensive treatment that was so strong it had a period of recovery after then be disappointed when my skin would eventually go right back to how it was.

It wasn’t until I developed a routine with various products and treatments, all of which consistency was the key, that a world of a difference was made. I now have the smoothest, softest, never congested, glowing skin that I never thought possible. Whereas before, my skin was always congested, rough, breaking out, super dull. I literally thought I had an adult acne problem for the longest time and yet I continued to break out even with using acne products. I don’t use anything for acne whatsoever now and don’t breakout either because of my skincare routine. Skin needs cleansing, exfoliating, and hydration. Missing a piece of the puzzle could mess ya up. I’m using more products than what only treats those things so all the extras aren’t really necessary lol. Also, by no means do I have any sort of brand partnership or receiving any type of benefit from promoting these products. I simply like them and am sharing. I’m also very much open to any input about other products that you recommend trying out. I’m absolutely obsessed with Sunday Riley all around though which is clearly the majority of my routine. Skin Be++er is really expensive so definitely open to cheaper alternatives of anything with comparable quality. I love using the Glazing Milk by Rhode Skin and haven’t ever seen anything like it before, however the other items in the video I don’t have much of any opinion towards. TBH, I probably don’t need to be using the moisturizers in that line in addition to the Ice but whatever. Will be posting morning routine later as there are some different items used then. Goodnight. 😴

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