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Save & Earn

Hey! Glad you made it here for the card opportunity I’ve been posting about on my instagram and tiktok

Were you interested in the member benefits or the income opportunity? Well, both of them are amazing.

As a card member, you pay a one time lifetime fee of $25 and there will instantly be 500 bucks in your account after. You also receive dollar for dollar rewards (current double) and many other benefits. This is not a credit card so your credit score doesn’t matter. And there’s no other fees nor requirements to receive the 500.

Here’s the link: get 500 bucks promotion

And here’s a video to learn more information about all the other card benefits as well as the income generating opportunity if you’re interested in more than just the card member benefits

FYI the video is about 40 minutes long (super informative) so if you don’t have free time to watch it right now, I’d recommend just joining the card for now so you don’t miss out on the promotion

(it takes 1-2 minutes) then watching the video when you’re able to

This video will fill you in on both the income opportunity of being a digital branch office as well as the card member benefits.

If you want to join the business side by having your own digital branch office, join via this link

All of these benefits and perks are only being offered to people who join during the prelaunch. Once everything official launches in a few weeks, you will no longer have this offer.

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